Monday, October 12, 2009

On my Fridge

On my fridge are letters from my father. Letters from when I was younger. When I was too angry to realize what his words meant. Now here I am, years later, much older and wiser. Smart enough to know that I can never get the time back with my dad. It's too late.

But sometimes, when I'm getting something from the fridge, a phrase or some words from his letters will catch my eye. Like tonight, when I was getting the dog food, I saw "I miss you." And in so many ways, I feel as if he is trying to communicate with me. Like he's trying to tell me something.

And you know what? I miss you too dad, wherever you are.

"And I'll remember
the love that you gave me
now that I'm standing on my own.
And I'll remember
the way that you changed me."

Life is GRAND- although sometimes painful.
Super Panda

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