Thursday, March 5, 2009

The End of an Era

Ok, not really an era, but still.
So today, while driving back from the doctor's (I have a yucky sinus infection which has given me a migraine for the past few days now), I got a call from Chief Herrera of the Fillmore City Fire Department.
The hubby turned in all his gear last week, but didn't turn in his badge. We didn't know he had to- but Chief Herrera called today to tell us that he needs to turn it in.
So, he has to do that.
The hubby has been part of the Fillmore Fire Department for a couple of years now. We both loved the city, and he was really fond of the people he worked with. They have been an essential part of helping him achieve his dream of working with LA City Fire. So, for that, we are indebted to them. Thank you Chief Herrera for bringing in my husband. We have enjoyed the Christmas parties, the toy drive, and I know he has learned a lot from the Department.

Here's a bonus... check out Fillmore Fire's webpage
That's the hubby right on the first page.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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