Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Way Exhausted Wednesday

Yep, that about sums me up right now.

Last week and through the weekend, I worked myself up into an emotional frenzy because I hadn't heard from my principal yet about my job. She was on jury duty last week, and when I called on Monday, she was on vaca.

On top of all my new job stress, The New Girl, came into town this week.
Cue the nightmarish flashbacks from when she used to work here 4 years ago.
However, to my surprise...
She's changed! A lot.
Funny how time really changes people, and makes a huge difference!
It is my belief that should we have started working together now, at this point in our lives, we would have been friends.
I'm helping her out a lot- giving her tips, etc. She's scared, mainly because I've taken on the job of what 2 or 3 people would normally do. That she's afraid she cannot do. I'm glad she realizes her strengths and weaknesses that way we are able to adjust it prior to her taking over full time. I wish her nothing but the best.

As for me, I wish me nothing but the best.
The signs I asked for regarding my teaching job, I've received.
Now, please, I'd love to move on from the signs and actually get the call or the email or the meeting.
That would be totes fab!

Life is GRAND- although it highly requires patience.
Super Panda

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