Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Tea Time!

For most of those that know me, they know that I love going to tea!
So that's what I did today. I went to tea- with the friends I enjoy the most.

The day started off with me bringing this cake to Emila's house.

When everyone that we were carpooling with had arrived, we then left for our destination- The Huntington Gardens.

We arrived a little early so we walked around the Rose and Japanese garden prior to tea.

After we killed some time, it was then time for tea- yummy!

I decided to take individual shots at tea...
Here's Kisha




and me... but my picture was taken during our tour of the Jungle garden.

After tea, we walked around the garden some more.

The garden was awesome! There were tons of different garden themes, as well as a museum. It was definitely a great day. After we walked around the gardens and the museum, we then headed back to Emila's house for some birthday cake.
Here's how the red velvet looks like sliced.

After the birthday cake, it was time to head home. Too bad for me, I left my camera at Emila's house and had to go back. I had a lovely day with some great friends. I really enjoyed myself.

By the way, I finished Breaking Dawn. Loved it.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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