Sunday, November 16, 2008

Expressing my disappointment...

So this blog serves as an outlet for my thoughts- disappointments and heartbreaks are the topics of the day.

The Santa Ana winds brought forth a handful of fires, and of course, the hubby isn't home.
I'm slightly bummed since I thought the season was over. We were def just counting down the days til the season was over- which would be Saturday, the 22nd. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans, or at least that's the way it seems for now- which is unfortunate because we had made plans to go to the happiest place on Earth on the 23rd (Disneyland), and then our Cabo trip, the day after Thanksgiving. I am still holding on to hope that it will all fall into place. After all, what could it hurt, right?

On a great note- I totally had a lucky day! While walking the dogs, this morning, I found a $20 bill.
Yay me!

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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