Wednesday, November 12, 2008

random conversation between Nikki and I

totally taken out of context... however, it's very amusing to me.

N (3:48:41 PM): you just think everyone is exactly like you
E(3:48:42 PM): hahahahaha
N (3:49:03 PM): hahahha
E(3:49:05 PM): that's true
E(3:49:09 PM): but i know it's not true
E (3:49:13 PM): cause I'm so quirky
E(3:49:14 PM): hahahah
E (3:49:19 PM): quirkiness is rare
E (3:49:21 PM): look at us
N (3:49:31 PM): hahha
E(3:49:43 PM): we're like diamonds in the rough
N (3:50:21 PM): exactly!
E (3:50:35 PM): yes and people should totally cherish us
E (3:50:42 PM): we come once in a lifetime
N(3:50:47 PM): LOL!!!
N (3:50:49 PM): I agree
N(3:50:55 PM): we need biz cards that say that

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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