Friday, December 5, 2008

Back from Cabo!

We came back Tuesday, the 2nd. Things have been a whirlwind since then!
While we were in Cabo- we found out that our offer on a house was accepted and we needed to start escrow. However, since we were out of town, it needed to be pushed back a few days. We started escrow Wednesday night, and now here we are in the midst of buying a house during the holidays. We're def going nuts!

Ok here are pics from Cabo... pardon the lack of commentary. I just wanted to get pics posted.

Friday night... Milo and I took a walk on the beach

Saturday, we slept in, had breakfast and decided to go to the marina to do some shopping. We also attended a Mexican fiesta at our hotel...

Speaking of our hotel- everyone there was incredibly nice and friendly. LOVED it!
Everything was included- all the alcohol, etc.
We even had a free minibar in our room- complete with hard liquor and sodas, beer, etc.
One night, after walking around, we found a bottle of champagne with 2 glasses that said "Congratulations on your wedding!" We told them we were honeymooners. We were, kind of.

Ok, on to the next day- Sunday... We scheduled a snorkeling trip to Lover's Beach. Awesome weather- not a lot of waves. Def one of my favorite days. On our way to the marina, the guy that picked us up also took us on a little tour. Def awesome!

Monday- we went swimming with the dolphins. We don't have any pictures because you weren't allowed to bring a camera. Instead, they took pictures for you and then charged you a ridiculous amount. We bought 1 6x8 print for $25. We met Cory and Allison while waiting for the dolphin thing to begin. They were waiting too- and were staying at our hotel. We then planned to meet up with them at our hotel that evening during one of the night's shows- Grease. The entertainment group performed a few dances. They were phenomenal- no lie!

And that was our last night in Cabo. We bid adieu to our friends and went to our room to pack and sleep. The following day, Tuesday- we woke up, had breakfast, then went to the beach where I laid out and tanned and Milo swam. We then headed back to our hotel after an hour to shower and get ready for our trip home.
We got picked up from the airport by his dad, and from then on, our lives have been about this house we're buying.

Definitely fun times. I loved every minute of being on vacation with my husband.
He's my best friend and I really enjoyed being with him uninterrupted for those few days- especially since I barely saw him this summer.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda


babbler said...

This is a very good blog, I enjoyed reading it. I stumbled upon it by accident, it was fun to see pictures of Disneyland and Cabo. You really know how to document your trips, I am going to take lessons from you! Best of luck to your husband with his medical carreer, it looks like you love him very much - I can relate to that! My husband and I are still on our honeymoon after 5 years of marriage. Merry Cristmas to you,
Barbara in Oregon

jason said...
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