Friday, December 12, 2008

Quick Friday Update

I've been swamped at work. What else is new?

*The more papers we sign regarding the house, the closer I feel we are to owning it.
Cross your fingers that things continue to go smoothly. If they do, we should have a new house in the new year. YAY!

*Tomorrow is Fillmore Fire Department's Christmas Party.
Of course, the hubby and I will be there.

*Sunday is our annual Christmas brunch so we'll have a few friends over. We will also be heading to the Fillmore Fire Department Toy Drive at night.

*I am making 300+ red velvet truffles this weekend- some for the Christmas brunch, but most are for Christmas gifts for the hubby's captains.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

1 comment:

Wildland Firefighter Wives said...

Do you have any pictures of the house yet?? What a great Christmas gift.....a new house!!
Hope all is well. I'm almost on vacation and hubby is sick.
Love & Hugs,