Saturday, March 29, 2008

the 10th

What a lovely surprise!

The awesome hubby decided to surprise me by coming home for the weekend!!
I spoke with him at around 7:30 or so on Friday night and he didn't let on that he was on his way home. At around 11, while watching a movie with my niece and nephew, the front door opens and the hubby walks in. He's definitely thee best! It's so nice to have him home- even for just the weekend. He's heading back to Sac town tomorrow, but back again the next weekend. Love is in the air folks! Especially when your hubby looks like this and is a fireman...

Also, The Friend That Got Away is back in my life. She'll need a new title soon because she no longer is away. It was nice to reconnect over dinner. Even nicer to know that we're still the same with each other. I definitely have had some great times with her in my life and here's to creating even more!
I was never one to give second chances, but I guess I've changed quite a bit.
Cheers to that!

Super Panda

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