Sunday, March 23, 2008

7th blog

As much as I hate for this blog to be seen as some sort of a "woe is me" type of thing, I can't help it since I am at the saddest, lowest point of my life. And since this blog is a reflection of me, then that is what you get. I do apologize in advance for turning off a few readers, however, I cannot stay true to myself by not writing or avoiding how I feel. I am at this moment, without my lover, best friend and most loyal companion and this is the case for the next 3 weeks. He is up north in Sacramento for work, and I am deeply saddened by this. He was my constant source of love and support through this incredibly hard time that I am going through. I am lost at this moment without him.

I feel as if so much has happened to me since the beginning of the year, that I have yet to stand strong and stable that something else comes along and shakes me. I am incredibly vulnerable at this moment, and in need of some tenderness. As much as I put up a bitchy facade, I am, I admit, incredibly sensitive at this moment. I am also incredibly hopeful that the next 3 weeks will zoom by.

Life is GRAND... though a bit of a downer at the moment,
Super Panda

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