Monday, February 9, 2009

Homeownership 101

I wish someone gave us a crash course.
So much has already gone on! And yes, we did get a home inspection prior to closing etc.

So here's what's happened:

- We didn't have hot water for a few days. The tankless water heater that the previous owner installed had all sorts of problems- mainly that it was an indoor water heater but it was installed outside but in a little box. Home warranty does not cover it because it was improperly put on there, so we had to shell out $2500 for a new conventional water heater. I tell you this though, I've never been more grateful for hot water until Friday night- when I was able to take a steaming hot shower in our very own home. It was HEAVEN!

-I guess our pipes are dirty. Our washing machine is draining into the bathrooms.
Home warranty will be taking care of the problem.

-Our fridge didn't fit in its original spot. The cabinet above it was too low.
Thanks to Powers, he fixed our problem and it looks great.
The fridge is now in its spot.

We have a few things from Ikea that we purchased- like a desk for me for my office and a little kitchen nook. The hubby has to get all that together. He has this week.
Next week, the academy starts- on the 17th.

Our shutters get installed on the 27th. I can't wait!
Def pictures to come. I really hate things that are not finished... but I might be tempted to post just a few before pics, as in before the house is done for now...

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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