Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Quickie

Don't be dirty... Not that kind of quickie.
Just a quick update.

We are all moved in.
Things are in their place- except for the pictures on the walls, and the items in the garage.
The hubby also has to put our fence up.
The shutter install takes place at the end of the month.
Pictures will be up for sure.

The hubby had his family orientation for LA City Fire Department on Monday night.
It was definitely such a proud moment for me.
4 years ago, we were both sitting in our living room, in our very first apartment, practicing for his interview.
4 years later, here we are in our own home, getting him ready for the academy.
It is quite a defining moment for us!

I only wish my dad was here to see it.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda


Meg said...

Congratulations! As soon as you are settled give me a call cuz I miss you and the girls!

Hotshot's Wife said...

So do we get to see pictures of this new home?? It's been crazy here, we are setting up a baby nursery for our adoption homestudy next week. Praying that this year will be the year we'll get an addition to our family.
Love & Hugs,