Friday, February 20, 2009

Hooray it's Friday!

I am tired. I am glad it's Friday.
We've had so many changes occur in the past couple of months, and the most recent change was the start of the hubby's academy this week. His new sched will def take some getting used to.
Plus, there was a misunderstanding with a friend that has taken a lot out of me because it bothered me deeply.
There are so many things going on that I'm doing what I can to devote a little time to myself. This has meant me getting up early to go to the gym, since I never know what time I'll be getting off at night. This also means that when I get home, I can do all the household duties I need to do. I am functioning as a single mom for the next 18 weeks, so it's a challenge. Thank goodness I have a cleaning lady and a gardener!
So I hope that explains my lack of regular posts... and the lack of interesting ones at that.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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