Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Life Like No Other...

Today, someone asked me how I feel about my husband being a firefighter.
I struggled to hold all emotion back when I said that "I am proud of him."
I am proud because my husband has chosen such a selfless profession. I am proud because not a lot of people can withstand the pressure and stress that he faces when there's a fire. I am proud simply because he's worked hard for his career, and he loves every aspect of it. Most importantly, I am proud because his career has shaped the man he is today- responsible, hard working, and self assured. I am his biggest fan.

This question prompted another response from me... I said that I don't know another life other than this. I've never really thought about it until I was asked this question, but really, I don't remember a time when my husband wasn't working to become a firefighter. He started off as an EMT for AMR, and his shift schedule has always been erratic. Weekends weren't spent at home, neither were holidays. This has simply become the norm for us. He's been with the Forest service for a few years now, and he's also worked as a firefighter for Fillmore for a couple years, so I know and understand how his schedule is. He has committed himself to this kind of life. When we got married, I knew that I was committing myself to this kind of life as well. I am al for him following his dreams, and we're both taking the steps to making them happen.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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