Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let Go, Let Flow

That is def the mantra regarding the house...
with the escrow that seems like it'll never close.

We are sooo close, yet so far.
We have signed our loan docs, and are supposed to have it funded by tomorrow.
However, according to our escrow officer, we may now not have it funded til Monday.


With that said, I now may have to reschedule a few things like
-our furniture delivery.
-the UHAUL and the hubby's buddies.
-our shutters guy who needs to measure our windows.
-most importantly, our painter, who is going out of town next week.

I am sitting here laughing about all this.
Why, might you ask


I am helpless in this situation. I cannot control anything else... except my reaction to it at this point.
I am trying to keep a positive attitude.
That's the best I can do.
The Universe is definitely testing us. This is a test.

Life is GRAND!
Siper Panda

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