Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Year Later

The pain is still there. Some days, it's even more intense.
Somedays, I forget that he's no longer around.
I think that he's just in another country.
Then it hits me.
And it hurts so much.
It's a pain that I really cannot describe.
The tears have yet to subside.
It still boggles my mind tht there will never be another Christmas, another birthday, another whatever with him around.
I still have years and years to go before I see him again.
Every good news I want to share with him.
Every bad thing, I want him to reassure me that it will be ok.

I don't feel him around anymore. That makes me even more sad.

I miss you dad! I know you're happy wherever you are.
I know you're watching over us.
I love you. There is not one day that I don't think of you.
I know that who I am is because of all the values that you and mom have instilled in me. I will never forget all you've taught me.

RIP Orlando A. Bernardino
January 31, 2008


Glynis said...

I'm right there with you,it's only a few more days and my dad would have been 70

Meg said...

I've been thinking of you. I know how hard this has been for you and I hope that with the blessings of your new house, good things will be coming your way.