Saturday, June 21, 2008

An accomplished Saturday.

Today, I...

- slept in til 9. I wanted to sleep in later than that, however, I need to be able to go to bed early tonight to wake up for brunch with the gals. The Friend that Got Away (who needs a new name) and Ms. E are coming over for a little girl time. We are doing our first mastermind meeting, where we encourage each other to go after our goals, and basically help each other to become the best people we can be. This meeting is a long time coming, so it's definitely good that it's happening to me tomorrow, although bright and early.

- did not box. However, I did run as an alternate. My old trainer was at the gym today and I simply refuse to be in the same vicinity as him. Definitely not a cool dude. Bad vibes galore!

- hung out with my family. Had a great time. I'm going to miss them when they go out of town this coming week. I'm incredibly grateful that they only live a few minutes from me.

- made Red Velvet balls (from Bakerella's site- check out my Super Friends list on the side) in anticipation of the hubby's return.
i did make a few changes though- instead of milk chocolate, I covered it with dark chocolate with a drizzle of white chocolate/ Boy, does it look delicious. I will post a picture later.

- hung out with my nephew, Jakob. He helped me make the cake balls.

- spent time at home. It's an awesome feeling to just lounge and not have to answer to anyone, or meet anyone's expectations today.

- am doing some laundry. Tons to fold, that's for sure.

- am waiting for the hubby's nightly phone call. It is now past his usual calling time, so it makes me wonder if I will be getting one. I've missed his calls the past two times and I do miss his voice. I am counting down the days til his return.


Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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