Saturday, June 28, 2008

Incredibly Accomplished Saturday

So today, I

- trained with my boxing coach for an hour. Sparring session. I have what he refers to as ring rust. I haven't been in the ring for a while... yes, months. We plan to remedy this situation.

- went to the gym for spinning. New teacher today. Awesome. Great music, great ride!

- signed up for Cake Decorating 1 class. I also signed up for Fondant and Gum paste. I will be an awesome baker- my new hobby.

- got some supplies for both classes.

- made pumpkin pie- Weight Watchers recipe. 1 point per serving. Pretty good!

- made my 2nd version of low calorie red velvet cupcake. My cream cheese frosting low cal didn't work out so well- I'm not sure if it's because I used fat free cream cheese. Maybe I need to use low fat. Might be better. Definitely next thing I'm trying.

- took a lovely, but incredibly brief nap with my boys.

and all this before 4 pm.

I'm pooped. I'm headed to my sister's house to watch the Pacquiao fight. For many of you who know- my husband and I love boxing, MMA, kickboxing. Ok, more me than him- but we both box and have trained in muay thai, so as much as possible, we like to watch the fights when they're on- esp. the Pac Man.

Also, Milo called this morning. He thinks he won't have reception for their next assignment so he just wanted to let me know.
Oh, how I love that boy!

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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