Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So the Naysayers

keep on saying...

*that they are worried for me.
*that they are nervous for me.

I know. These things I feel for myself too.
However, I do know that I will no longer sit around waiting for things to change on their own. The right job won't come along while I sit on my butt.
I've spent countless days doing just that.
Sitting, hoping, praying that a headhunter will notice my talents and offer me something more.
I know that I am meant for something more than what I'm currently doing.
I believe in that. I believe in me.
Again, I know that sometimes I falter. Sometimes I weaken in my beliefs.
However, in the grand scheme of things, I know that I'm not meant to sit behind this desk for all my life.

So, please. I know you're just concerned. I know that you're maybe, just looking out for me. But do know that I don't do anything without thinking it through first. The hubby and I have thought long and hard about this. In the end, we know this is the right decision for us. For the family we're going to have one day.
Please trust in me. Just support and encourage me. Because when you speak your concerns, somehow, it turns up the volume on my own concerns. And then I can't get it out of my head- the fear, the worry, the noise.
They are all just distractions, you see. Because I know deep down that I will be taken care of. Call if blind faith, if you will. Call it wishful thinking. Call it hope. I know that in the end, whether I see it now or not, things are working just as they should be.

So, please... encourage me. Tell me that you think I'm doing the right thing by finding and pursuing my passion. Give me a pat on the back for following my dreams. I know that there's far too many of you out there who are just sitting on your butts wishing you could do the same. But you're not because your fears are stopping you.
But I refuse to be tied down by that fear anymore. I refuse to be held back.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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