Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I didn't get the job at St. Catherine's.
He offered it to someone else today.
I'm slightly bummed, but I know that it's not the place for me.
Something else, the right one, will come along.
I just hope it comes along by September- because it looks like I'll be unemployed by then.

I know that things are happening the way they should be, but man, I'm scared.
Way scared.

Life is GRAND- although doubtful sometimes.
Super Panda


Bubut said...

i'm sure the right one will come along soon enough. it has to. i'm rooting for you! team super panda all the way!

Meg said...

The way you feel is totally normal. But like you said, the right thing will happen for you. You will find a good teaching job--the right one! And when you do, we will CELEBRATE!!