Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 postings in 1 day,aren't you lucky?

My dad came to me in a dream the other night. It's been a while since he did this.
In my dream, I saw a man enter my garage dressed in a brown leather bomber jacket (one that my dad owned) just as my newphew and I were rounding the corner to go back home after walking the pugs. I ran to the garage with my pepper spray, ready to attack this intruder. I yelled, "Hey!" and he turned around. I saw his round, smiling face. He looked years younger and healthy- just like how I remember him looking when I was 9 and we went to the snow during his visit. I then said, "Oh, it's just you dad." He was still looking at me, his eyes conveying the joy he felt, still with a huge smile on his face. He stood there holding a red drill that he picked up from my garage (which we don't have). I then kept on telling him how happy he looked, and I asked him why he was so happy. Before he got a chance to respond, I woke up from my dream.

At times, when I feel him fading away, I long for some sort of sign that he is still around watching over me and my family. Even with all my longing, he doesn't always come. But then he randomly surprises me and I feel much better afterwards. However, this doesn't mean that I am hoping to see you around my house anytime soon dad... just in dreams ok? I don't think I can handle an actual sighting of you- at least not yet.

On another note, I've dropped 6 lbs. and started boxing again. BTW- thanks nutrisystem. HA! I'm glad I'm back training. I LOVE it! I cannot even emphasize that enough. It's definitely an adrenaline rush. Plus, I love the idea that I can defend myself. Now it also means a lot more knowing my dad enjoyed boxing.


Bubut said...

I'm jealous. He comes to you in your dreams. I think of him most mornings after I wake up, while making coffee, but no dreams, no signs, nothing.
Oh yes he liked boxing. He'd watch the amateur bouts at noon on Sundays.

Cary said...

I am certain he is watching over you, Erika. And he is proud.