Thursday, April 10, 2008

dog food, anyone?

About a year and a half ago, Jamba developed some serious allergies to his dog food, Royal Canin. We were at the vet's practically every week for face swelling, ear issues, etc. He was a miserable and unhappy pup. We got steroids after steroids to help temporarily ease the pain, but it would come back 5 million times worse than before. One afternoon, when I came home during lunch to let him out, I broke down and cried and told him I will fix it and make it all better because that's what mommies do. I stayed true to that promise, and that same afternoon reserched foods/ diets that would help. That's when we found Pets Naturally- provided us with supplements but also mentioned the idea of raw food to us. We tried raw, but I just couldn't stomach it and neither could Milo. Plus, Cash then developed diarrhea cause the food was too rich. We tried Nature's Variety Duck and Rice, still too rich. That's when we decided to stick with rice, chicken and supplements, with occasional beef and of course veggies and yogurt.

Last night, while playing with Cash, I got up close and personal with his face and started to see reminders of Jamba's old allergy stricken face. I freak out. I've been saying it for a while- since Cash has developed chronic ear infections- that he might be allergic to what we're feeding. A quick call to the hubby, panicked straightens it all out. It was decided I would reserch better food/ diet ideas. After tons of hours spent on dogster, we have decided to try a grain free diet. We will be embarking on this journey as soon as I buy a bag tonight. We decided that should this work, we will rotate (per Dogster member suggestions) between a few grain free brands, and mix in veggies, yogurt and of course other goodies that the boys love.

We are so committed to providing the best life for our pugs. They have given us so much joy and love during these years that we've had them, and we can only return the favor by making sure that they are living the best life we can possibly afford to give them. Super Panda is also Super Mommy. Wish us luck with the switch!

Life is GRAND- especially because tomorrow is Friday, and Papa Bear will be home!
Super Panda

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