Friday, April 4, 2008

I Don't Care Friday checklist

1.) Walk two miles upon waking up: check.

2.) Have tons of coffee in the morning: check.

3.) Have a fairly busy morning: check.

4.) Have lots more coffee in the afternoon: check.

5.) Have an insane afternoon, with no possibility of getting out on time, and a
huge chance of working late tonight: double check.

6.) Be late in picking up hubby from the airport during his weekend visit home from
school (btw I cannot wait til it's done with in 2 weeks): another check.

7.) Possibility of being grumpy at tonight's turn of events: triple check.

I've accomplished tons today. Not complaining about the work at all. In fact, I love it... although I'm not quite sure where I'll find an 8 year old boy who has his own recording studio at home. I'm stumped on that one. However, Super Panda REFUSES to be stumped. Instead, I have been on a quest... one that I feel will not be resolved tonight. I Don't Care Friday will turn into Chew My Butt Monday (Thanks Hallmark for these phrases which I'm absolutely in love with). I will try not to be grumpy though. Huge obstacle for me, since I have a temper. Breathe in, breathe out.

Life is GRAND! Believe me when I say that... I LOVE my work. Just crazy at the moment :)
Super Panda

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