Thursday, April 17, 2008

day late rant

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a pretty irritating day. I try my hardest, under any occassion, to just let myself wallow in anger, frustration, etc. for a brief amount of time. I would say that I try to give myself 10 minutes max. I do this because it's never a good thing to let negative emotions take over you, however, it is important to acknowledge them, feel them, and then let them go.


Despite my hardest, I couldn't do it yesterday. DAMN!

Here are the things that upset me- and yes, I do know that some of them might seem trivial.

- I added to much water to something I made for breakfast. GROSS!
- slow morning (which I hate).
- called the doctor like 10 times to try and get a prescription for antibiotics(which I hate taking btw).
- I finally get him to call my pharmacy, went there, waited for a half an hour, only to find out he prescribed me something I'm allergic to. This led to a frustrated phone call to the doctor's office. Since it was the end of the day, I left a frustrated message instead.
- Ran 3 miles when I got home, and all frustration was gone.

It defintiely took a while for me to get rid of all the irritation I felt yesterday.

Today, Thursday, WILL be a better day.
I am determined to make it so.

My doc has called in a new prescription. Hooray for me. I will be rid of this nasal sound shortly!

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