Thursday, July 31, 2008

100 things about me (61- 80)

61.) I love to bake and decorate. Perhaps one day, I'll make a career out of it.
62.) I have never lived on a budget- until now. I'm in an experimental phase. God help me at this time. HA!
63.) I tore my ACL on my right knee in high school. It causes me pain to this day- like right now. I hate it.
64.) I'm not a big fan of Thursdays. It's such a useless day.
65.) I LOVE reading blogs. Especially blogs with lots of pictures. Especially foodie blogs.
66.) I hate having cash (the money, not my dog). It seriously goes really fast.
67.) I'm a fan of the TWILIGHT series. I cannot wait for the last book to come out tomorrow night. My book has been pre- ordered.
68.) I'm not a big fan of vegetables. Except brussel sprouts- but they have to be cooked a certain way.
69.) I hate the whole business and pleasure aspect of my job- cause unfortunately, there is no fine line that separates the 2. I'm incredibly bothered by it and need to find a way to really separate it.
70.) I enjoy having my dogs at work with me. It creates a more relaxing, laid back atmosphere.
71.) I am very much looking forward to having tea with my girlfriends this Sunday.
72.) As a child, I used to get my hair permed. I always had a thing for curly hair. Once, when my dad decided I couldn't get it done again, I drew pictures around the house of me with curly hair and posted them everywhere. My dad finally gave in. This is probably the fondest memory I have of me and him. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.
73.) As a child, I used to love weekend breakfast with my dad. We would eat outside on a swing set that I had. It had a table in the middle. I always hated it when my dad would invite my mom. It was our time.
74.) I would like to have children before my mom passes. This is INCREDIBLY important to me- especially since she's the only one left.
75.) There are times when I miss my dad terribly. Alot more often than I'd like, to be honest.
76.) I like to ask questions. Tons. I'm curious.
77.) I was an English Lit. major in college. I used to write tons of papers a week. Now, I look back and wonder how I wrote them all.
78.) I find myself becoming more and more domesticated. It doesn't have such a negative connotation anymore. In fact, I'm beginning to like it.
79.) It is my dream to have a strong, core group of girlfriends. I am working towards this dream.
80.) I am into dream interpretation. I believe that the subconscious mind is a powerful thing, and many of its thoughts come into our dreams.

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