Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Growing up and out...

Lately I feel as if I am growing up. Actually, I've been feeling this way since my dad died this past January. Within this short amount of time, I feel as if I've grown up quite a bit. With the help of therapy, I've come to terms with my past- certain emotions and issues I've had with it that have shaped who I am as a person. It's definitely changed my life for the better. Of course, I'm still learning new things about myself, and coming to terms with certain things in my life and I'm finding myself changing, in a good way. I find myself growing up. The next logical step in my life definitely is to become a homeowner, and then a mom- which is something I'd really like to be one day.

With that said, I find that there are certain people in my life who, I feel, are just not moving in the same direction. Okay, one person in particular. And now, I'm torn. Unsure of how to proceed. And yes, it's a pretty big concern of mine.
Maybe I fell in love with the friendship again way too fast. Perhaps I need to just speak up more regarding the issues that concern me- perhaps it's the only way that I can set things straight, after all, "Whatever you resists, persists" which is perhaps the reason why we keep on having the same issues- because we never address them.

Life is GRAND- but confusing!
Super Panda

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