Monday, July 14, 2008

Hurry Up Time!!

It seems as if the hubby has been gone longer than 9 days- or is it just that I'm getting impatient?
I have barely heard from him this time around, and I think that adds to my impatience, and of course worries the shit out of me.
I know he's okay, and that the reason he's probably not calling is that he can't get cell reception. However, that does not calm my fears one bit. I think all in all though, I just miss him terribly. I miss hearing his voice. I miss having his presence around. I miss the hugs, the walks, everything about him. I cannot wait for him to come home. With each day that passes by, my heart does a little dance knowing it's one day closer to his return. I have been keeping myself busy- so busy that I know the pups miss me since I've barely been home. It's kept me occupied that's for sure- but at the end of the day, the longing and the reality of him being gone another night hits home, and it makes it that much harder to fall asleep.
A bit melodramatic? Perhaps.
I guess I just thought that it would get easier as time goes by. I thought that the more he left home, the easier it got. Unfortunately, I am finding that it's not the case. If anything, I miss him a lot more.
So, hurry up time and bring my husband back home to me!
I miss him terribly!

Life is GRAND- although a bit slow at times.
Super Panda

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