Sunday, May 10, 2009

One A Day

Ever since I've come to the conclusion that my job no longer satisfies me, and yes, since that one fateful Tuesday, it's become my other job to become employed as a teacher. I have been doing one thing a day (sometimes more) to help further my goal.
Weekends are no exceptions- in fact, I think I get a lot more done on the weekends.
So this past weekend, I...

*bought a few "teaching" clothes. Slacks, button down shirts, modest, yet fashionable tops. I am ready for the coming school year- late Summer, Fall. Bring it on!
I even have an outfit for parent teacher conferences! Of course, I only have the bare minimum so far, but enough to get me through. I do need a winning interview outfit- that I still have yet to figure out, especially because the weather will play a huge part in that.
A side note- these professional, more tailored clothes I bought are a total departure from what I wear daily, considering I usually go to work in gym clothes. Yes, gym clothes. I work out before work, and during my lunch. Then I work out again after work. And should I have a lunch meeting or a dinner, I usually just wear jeans. Casual- very! So I'm excited to be dressing up.

*dug out all my old college essays. I have a huge stack of them.
I have yet to re- read through all of them, but I have them.

*acquired a few books that will refresh my memory, should I happen to get the high English teacher job that I am applying for. That is actually my top choice. I am prepared to tackle novels and poems. A big thank you to my hubby for buying these for me- they were my career switch gift :)

*printed hard copies of my cover letter and resume, put them in an envelope, and got them ready to be mailed out. All 21 of them. Maybe 22.
I will then start my day tomorrow by taking these to the post office, along with a prayer that I will soon be called for an interview.

*received my first letter of recommendation, from my dear friend, M (The Teacher).
I am so grateful for her help. And she really has helped me out through all this.

So, I am definitely well on my way to teaching at a school near you!

But, until then...
Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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