Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trust Your Journey

That is something I am currently having some problems with.
As much as I don't give into doubting myself much, I cannot help but indulge it from time to time. After all, whatever you resist, persists, and I for one, certainly do not want this feeling lingering around.

I have yet to hear from any of the schools I have applied to. I did get a response from the Vice Principal at St. Monica's high school saying she'll forward my resume to the right people. That's a start. However, my first choice (St. Genevieve High) or second choice (Guardian Angel) still have yet to respond.

Soon, I tell myself. Soon. They will be calling me to set up an interview. I guess the reason I wanted it to happen sooner than the fates will allow is that for the whole month of May, my boss is out of the office, making it easier for me to go to interviews, because quite frankly, I've never been a good liar. And that's what I would have to do if I have an interview when she's back.

Anyhow, since I'm not above begging, please, I am asking for you, my dear readers, to pray for me. Pray that I have a job soon. A job that I enjoy, in an environment where I will thrive. As a reminder, please remember that me being unhappy DOES NOT equal me being ungrateful. They are entirely 2 different things. I am extremely grateful for all that I have been blessed with, even this experience. However, I am not happy at my place of business.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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Bubut said...

dear erika,

as i also have at one time entertained thoughts of teaching, that side of me tells me that you get ready for your plan B as they really need those credentials. BUT, here's the big BUT -- there's this side of me too that tells me that YES, you're just going to have that teaching job offer as planned. good luck. you're doing all the right moves. i hope you get your CBEST soon.