Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Quickie

A few random updates...

*The hubby's birthday is next Wednesday. He is turning 27. Wow! We're getting old.
We have decided that for our 30th, we will be going to Europe since we both turn 30 the same year.

*Today is Friday. I cannot be more excited for this day! It has been a horrible week at work, and I'm def looking forward to the weekend (plus I have next Wednesday off). It's also supposed to be hot this weekend, which means only one thing- TANNING!
You can find me in our backyard doing nothing but this all weekend.

*Tonight, I have dinner with a few of the girls. I believe reservations were made for 5 adults, 6 babies. I'm the 1 adult without a baby, and you know what? This doesn't even make me wish I had one.

And now, a quick shout out to a few people who make my life SUPER FAB!

*The hubby. I miss you when you're not home, but also enjoy it cause I get the whole bed to myself.

*The boys, Jamba and Cash (I included them because they're my babies).

*My family. Thank you for feeding me when the hubby's not home, and providing me with lots of fun company.

*The Brit. She's my friend, she's my neighbor, she's my gym buddy- or workout buddy in general. She also lets me borrow her baby (he's soo good btw). She makes me tea, and last night, her hubby made us great steaks. Thank you for keeping me entertained, motivated, and for your company.

*The girls. Thanks for the friendship.

*Maria. You clean my house. You entertain me. You're my friend. Thank you. Especially since you're cleaning my house twice next week.

*Tam, my gardener. Thank you for ignoring the dog poo we don't pick up. Thank you for picking it up.

*Marlene, my personal banker. Thank you for putting up with my numerous calls. You're on it like white on rice.

And yes, there are many more people that make my life great. This was just a quick run down...

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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