Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rock Bottom

The series of events that have transpired within the past few days have left me so discombobulated.
I am currently a mixture of emotions, but one that sticks out the most is helpless.
I feel as if I have


from Grace. Who's grace, I don't quite know yet. But somehow, someway, I have.
All of a sudden, with no warnings.
And here I am. In a state of _________ (insert here).

I am in a constant battle between positive and negative.
Positive and grateful that I still have a job. Negative because I know I need to get out. I just have nowhere to go. Plus, I need the money, especially now that we have a house.

I am asking for prayers.
A prayer to give me strength through this difficult time.
A prayer that I find a new job.
A prayer that I'm still able to hold my head up high through all this.
A prayer. Any prayer will do.

As night comes, I feel my melancholy creep in.
It's not a good feeling as the hubby is not home. I am alone in my own company, wallowing in self- pity.
I know that there are brighter days to come, and that I should look at this as an opportunity, rather than a deterrent.

Life as I once knew it is basically no longer.
My world has been rocked, and not in a great way.
Changes are a- coming! And they can only be for the better.
I know that we have to taste the bitter to know the sweet.
And damn, when it's bitter tasting, it's really horrible.

Life is GRAND!
Super Panda

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