Saturday, April 18, 2009

Helicopter In- laws

I def have a pair.
They are up for grabs. Any takers? I'm giving them away for free!
Husband NOT included.

I believe that at the age of 26, almost 27, that the hubby and I are entitled to our own lives.
That means that when we want to have people over (for any occasion) that we are entitled to do so.
We own our own house, we work hard for our money, and hence, this is a right we have earned.
This means that at our discretion, we can invite whomever we want, and vice versa.

However, my MIL has a different point of view.
After I have told her TWICE that this event that's happening at our house is for friends only, she still has invited herself.
To stop by. Which doesn't really mean that.

What to do? What to do?
I have prayed, I have cried. I am now just plain angry. The hubby can't help. He's unaware of what's happening since it's a birthday surprise.
I feel so alone in this. I also feel so helpless.
Definitely a bad combination.

Why, oh why, must you rain on my parade?

Life is GRAND- just a little sucky at the moment.
Super Panda


Hotshot's Wife said...

We've had problems with my parents like you are with your MIL. My parents drive by and then call to ask why there were so many cars. Why do they need to know? I guess all I can say is breath. Try not to focus on her when she shows up. Make yourself busy with your friends. Hopefully she'll feel awkward and leave soon after she arrives. I have had problems with my IL but they live in Montana, so it's different issues. However, I think you just need to focus more on MILO and his day. Don't let her rain on your parade. Celebrate with your friends and ignore her.

Anonymous said...

she just wants to be part of the fun. let her and pray she leaves soon enough after dropping off whatever she's bringing. hehehe.